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Jamie Howell

Jamie Howell

I was born and raised in sunny Santa Barbara California in 1990. I originally began my musical journey playing piano inherited from my mother at the age of five. I got personal lessons for about 3 years until I saw my first rock concert (can’t exactly remember as I was very young at the time). After watching the opener, I was completely fixed on the drummer and was even air drumming in the crowd. People were even telling me “that looks good!” From that point I began playing drums near the end of my eighth year and kept it going up until now.

Drums was very intimidating in the begin but I eventually came to terms with myself and made a huge decision that music and drumming was to be my passion for the rest of my life. I attended many Berklee College of Music summer programs until I was accepted into their program at the age of 18. I came into school in 2009 and graduated with my Bachelors in music performance in 2013. Ever since then, I have played all over the country (mostly the east/northeastern coast) professionally for the past 4 years and have been involved in over 15 bands/projects (most of which have been in the studio).

My main groups that I was consistent with were both Crosswalk Anarchy (Hip-hop jazz fusion group I played with as soon as I graduated), and my main group now Chameleon Culture (Indie-alternative experimental folk rock). Check us out!

Recently I made the decision to sign with Soultone Cymbals because of their hospitality and their wide range of cymbals that they offer. I was extremely impressed by their dry series and could not be more happy with how these cymbals have shaped my own playing and particular sound. Everyone apart of the Soultone team has been amazingly generous and inviting to the max. I am extremely ecstatic about Soultone and they are one of the coolest cymbal companies I have had the pleasure of working with. Thanks for having me be apart of the team!

Peace and Love

My Soultone Set: 

21" Natural Crash Ride
14" Natural Hi Hats
17" FXO 12
18" Natural Heavy Hammered Crash