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James "J3" Shaw III

James "J3" Shaw III

Verdell Shaw/The Dixon Singers/The HeBrewBoyz

James "J3" Shaw III is a 22 year old drummer/multi-talented musician and producer from a small town called Newark, Maryland. Playing the drums from the age of 2 in church, James has really been able to captivate his gift from God. He has been the drummer at Faith Deliverance United Way of The Cross Church since the age of 4 and a few years later became the youngest music director in this particular ministry. It was shown early that he had a real passion and love for his gift because whenever he played he would give his all, he had a drive to offer all that God has instilled in him to perfection and he still does today. James is the true definition of playing with heart and not just playing because he can. He has really been given all gifts to play, read, and teach music. With all of this under his musical belt this has really helped James in his work as a musician. Having the gift to play the drums have given James alot of opportunities to play with and for alot of great people. He has played for Sunday Best 2012 Winner Joshua Rodgers, and have opened up for Tye Tribbett, Joshua Rodgers, Alexis Speight, Jessica Reedy, Mali Music, and Deon Kipping just to name a few. James is really looking forward to bigger and better opportunities in the near future. There are many words to describe James gifted, annointed, skilled, talented, funny, but one word that I think everybody would say about James is that he is humble which is the most important. James is the current drummer for Verdell Shaw, The Dixon Singers, and The HeBrewBoyz. He is currently working on cds for Verdell Shaw, The Dixon Singers,and The HeBrewBoyz. Also known as "Meshach" for The HeBrewBoyz they are really working hard to make the instrumental group one of the most original sounds that you will ever hear. Be on the lookout for him and the groups he play for.

My Soultone Set: 

15" Crash "Gospel"
8" Splash "Gospel"
16" Crash "Gospel"
16" Crash "Gospel"
13" Hi Hats "Gospel"



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