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James Henry

James Henry

On the day of October 26, 1979 a blessed child was born to the late James “Guitar” Henry and his mother who is still living Irene Henry. Mr. and Mrs. Henry named there son James A. Henry after his father. Who then became one of the best drummers alive. James father who was known as one of the best “guitar” playing icons of music himself passed the soul of music thru his son James A Henry (Drummer Boy).

Starting at the age of five James began playing for his first church(Gospel Temple). After playing and practicing he became known as the best drummer in Forth Worth Texas. During his journey around the world he was recognized by various artist and churches. Moving up into his teenage years from secondary to senior high school he landed his second church gig with (Shiloh Church Of God In Christ), Where every one loved to come and here him perform .

James became so, good that he joined a band group named “ M D M and Voices produced by Myron Williams . James experience music more widely by playing and performing on some of Myron Williams CD’s hits. After playing with Myron he then became musical incline with most powerful women of God (Juanita Bynum ).

While staying busy with the most powerful people James still made time to dedicate his life in Christ by attending and playing for (Bishop Young ) over at ‘Chosen Vessel Church ) of Forth Worth Texas. Growing into his adult hood James music for drum playing became powerful to where he began playing for R&B and Rock music.

James first R&B Rock group was no other then “Na’ Rock “ the sister of “Erykah Badu”

One of the best female neo soul singers. After hearing how fantastic James played Erykah Badu asked James to join with her band ( So of course he did ). James was so dangerously good he moved up on the seen and started playing for the artist” N’Dambi”.

While during neo soul James joined a band group by the name of “The Texas Boyz” where he continued touring with the band. After receiving some upsetting news that his father condition where he was hospitalized had turned for the worst James had to return home to comfort family. During his time off the road James had to push his talent aside because, of all the stress and hurt of loosing his father a music icon who made him who he is today (His father).

With the help of God and family James returned after a year to the place where his late father would have wanted him to returned (Church and Music). Since then James have been seen playing around the surrounding areas. Such as, the icon of gospel music Myron Williams, Jimmy Wright & the Promise which who will be dropping there first CD real soon in 2009 and Paul Gardner CD which James appears on also in 2009.