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James Coppolino

James Coppolino

Abysmal Dawn

My name is James Coppolino. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I have participated in the local and national music community as a performer and educator.

Inspired by my older brothers Kenny and Peter, who are also musicians, and with support from my parents, I began my musical journey at age 7 with piano lessons. In the 4th grade, I joined Topeka Drive Elementary School's beginning band as a trumpet player. In middle school, I began to study jazz and classical music. In the 8th grade, I discovered that I not only wanted to perfect my performance, but I loved to share my skills with other musicians as well, and became section leader for trumpet.

I soon gained interest in learning new instruments including french horn, and even bagpipes, but one instrument caught my heart. I loved the feel of playing drums, so I auditioned for Granada Hills High School's drumline my freshman year of highschool. I was offered a position as a cymbal player. I knew that I would secure a spot within the drumline this way and was able to get myself up to par to play bass drum by winter. I was determined to learn more. In my Junior year, I became drum captain of GHCHS Drumline on the tenor drums. I loved to help my section become the best they could all be. I was also playing lead trumpet in jazz band, but would occasionally rotate onto the drumset.

After graduating highschool, I could not afford to participate in and travel with other marching bands. I still loved to play my drums and used to jam with my friend Nick Spencer. I began to understand what it was to write my own drum parts. A few years later, I joined my first band, with Jeff Garcia (guitar) and Jesse Villalta (bass), called "Everything Cheese, Toasted." We began performing in the underground Los Angeles metal/hardcore scene. This is where Jesse Villalta (bass Everything Cheese, Toasted) and I joined the progressive death metal band, "Syrebris". I later joined the Los Angeles blackened death metal band "Insentient" where I met my wife, Kimberly Orellana(guitar). Insentient and Syrebris often traveled regionally together where I would perform double sets.

I have been a private teacher and worked in various music schools since 2006. In 2013 I began to teach as the head of percussion at North Valley Military Institute. I took the program from sticks and pads (in a math classroom), to marching and competing in parades (with actual drums). My students frequently came home with 1st place trophies, in their division and smiles on their faces.

Currently, I am playing drums for the death metal band, Abysmal Dawn and writing music with my wife, Kimberly for our new project, "Conchscience". I am happily married and am a father of an awesome little human named Robert. I plan on playing and being involved as a musician as long as I live.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Natural China
16" Gospel Crash
14" Gospel Crash
10" Gospel Splash
13" Vintage Old School Patina Hi Hats
20" Natural Ride
20" Gospel China