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James 12 Erby

James 12 Erby

The self proclaimed “groove maestro”; James “12” Erby is a veteran drummer whose name over the years has become synonymous with rhythm and persistence. Born December 10, 1965, James Erby discovered he possessed a natural gift and a rhythmic talent for music. Coming from a musical family, Erby a cousin of legendary recording artist, Stevie Wonder, began playing drums virtually by ear without formal training or mentoring at the tender age of 4 years old. James “12” Erby first emerged onto the music scene during the successful glory days of the music group formerly known as The B-A-D Band who brought forth two hit singles;” All I want is you” and “Stay awhile”. The two singles were largely played on urban radio from the mid to late 1980’s taking The B-A-D Band all the way to No.1 independently in several different states and selling well over 50,000 copies.

The group later went on to sign with Motown Records in 1990 and recorded an album comprised of 11 songs. James “12” Erby has worked with strong high profile management throughout his music career which includes Leonard Rowe of Rowe Entertainment, Leroy McMath of Power Entertainment Group, and More. After Leaving The B-A-D Band, Erby went on to join the club scene in Atlanta, Georgia and Saginaw, Michigan where he held the drum chair for many highly revered bands such as Valentine, No Face’s, Purely Purple, The Carl McCray band and Count-N-Change.

James “12” Erby currently holds the drummer’s chair for the band The MELtones, who were recently nominated for 15 awards this year for creating such a big sound with only three musicians. As well as performing with his current band.

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