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Jaime Gomez

Jaime Gomez

I must have started tapping on my shoes, knees, or just about anything with a surface when I was 5 years old. I didn’t realize it yet but music ran ramped in my blood.

One night while hanging out with my cousin Jacquie she turned on the TV to Headbangers Ball. I still remember watching the video to One from Metallica for the very first time and being mind blown, and my coursing saying to me that I would make a good drummer.

From that point forward I would tap on anything I could, I finally gained access to my first drum kit at the age of 10 years old when I joined Jaz Band, although I had already been trying to learn acoustic guitar drums called to me like nothing else.
I want to say my mother bought be my first drum kit when I was about 11-12 years old. It was an electric drum kit from the toy store which I was very grateful for but devastated, and which subsequently forced me to revert to beating on pillows, practice pads, and shoes.

It was during that time that I became a metal head, starting with Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeath and Slyer I dove deeper down the rabbit hole that is metal finding myself wondering I would ever have my own drum kit. I can’t deny that from time to time I was also into hip hop and wanted to be a rapper and actually wrote a few rimes which my brother’s still threatens with from time to time.

I was limited to playing drums only during school time, and it could only be what the teacher allowed us to play, however I learned who to play drums properly, how to read and write music, and eventually how to jam any still of music which I pride myself in, and is also possibly why my plying is so divers.
Finally in my 11th year of high school one of my teachers offered to let me barrow a drum kit which drove my passion even feather, and helped me start my first band with friends from Jr High and High School and my cousin on vocals (Buried Alive).

My young musician life spun out of control from that point forward which led me to form and play in several project such as Rosincore, Endardkend, El Antiguo Systema, Ni Modo, Alianza Rebelde, and some which I just can’t remember at this moment.
The most impactful was the opportunity to play with my siblings Sergio and Francisco Gomez from the international Grammy Award winning hip hop group AKWID.
After several years of jamming and playing in many projects a good friend of mine called me one day and asked if I knew any metal drummers, at first I was insulted but quickly responded me bro. He then invited me to come try out for Tazumal and learn some covers with them, well needless to say that I learned the covers and eventually stuck around for the originals.

My influences range from Metal, Corridos, Ska, Punk Rock, and Progressive Rock.
Favorite bands of all time: At The Gates, Fuerza Regida, Dance Gavin Dance, Iron Maiden, King Crimson, The Black Dahlia Murders, and Suffocation.
My present set up is as follows:
Tama Rock Star.
Evens Drum Heads: Clear.

Snare Drum: 13x7 Orange County Drums maple.
Evens Drum Head: Hydro Blue.

Axis Long board Double Pedal.
Tama Hardware.

My Soultone Set: 

10 Inch extreme Splash
16 Inch extreme Hi-Hats
18 and 19 Inch extreme Crashes
20 Inch extreme Ride