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Jacob Frago

Jacob Frago


Originally from Ellington, Missouri, Jacob spent most of his time growing up in Leadwood, Missouri. He is the youngest of three and hits the drums harder than most drummers you know.

Jacob started playing by default. The church his father pastor'd was in need of a drummer and he was determined to play the drums rather than hearing his dad try to play. Being homeschooled, he had a great amount of free time, while others were in public school. This gave him a desire to go deeper in experimenting with his drums. After learning a little bit here and there from multiple instructors, he began teaching himself different types of drumming. With a strong family history of being gifted in musical and vocal abilities, his musical abilities began to be honed in singing and percussion.

Jacob and his brother were challenged, by a lady they knew in May 2014, to play for the Bismark Freedom Fest as the band name of Golden Ticket. This was before the name change during the following month. Jacob, the youngest one of the band, is the original founder of the band Frago. Frago has went on to play lots of shows opening up for The Native Howl, Plague Vendor, The Nearly Dead’s and much more. Jacob has also worked with the production crew of Switchfoot, Reliant K, and Danny Gokey, as well. He loves Soultone Cymbals. He uses a wide range of the brands’ lines. His main go-to is a combination of two sets: The Extreme Series, and The Custom Brilliant RA Series. Check out his social media and his bands social media for more!

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14" Extreme Hi-Hats
18" Extreme Crash
20" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
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