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Jaap van Beek

Jaap van Beek

Jaap van Beek was born in The Hague (The Netherlands, Europe) in 1969. Blessed with a gifted church organ and piano playing father and an evenly gifted violin playing grandmother, Jaap's interest in making music himself started at the early age of 7 when he began taking music and theory lessons.
In 1977 he also started taking guitar lessons, but after a few years found out that was not his passion.
After an intense learning period he started playing drums fulltime as from the age of 16. Being fond of the melodic metal scene, this is what his drumming specialty would be in several local bands such as Flatliner, Crisis, Melojustice, Pyroclastic, Blues forever, Forgiven Days, Metal Sin, Kings in Metal and Satan's Sword.
Between 1992 and 1998 he took a drumcourse for 6 years. Missing the skills of double bass techniques, he also was coached by Ernst van Ee in 1999, who is one of the best and well known hardrock drumartists of the Benelux area in Europe. Ernst took him to the level where he could give clinics and got session invitations for several studioworks. Jaap is still working with Ernst to keep up his drumming skills.

Jaap played drums for over 20 years in all kinds of melodic metal bands/rockbands
During this period he also took pianolessons for 5 years. With that a composer, although still hidden inside him, was born.

Over the years Jaap not only became a good and solid music teacher in drums, but also in musictheory, and started to give lessons at a musicschool in The Hague. For 5 years he also worked as a drumming teacher at the school of Golden Earing drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk. Jaap also created a lessonmethod to teach music and drumlessons for people with a physical handicap and teached this succesfully for many years.
Coaching bands and independent musicians is another thing Jaap loves to do. He coached local bands and musicians to be great performers.

After a musical break for 4 years, since 2012 Jaap composed his own songs on the piano (and even some on the guitar) and wrote beautiful lyrics to them. He then took his work to StudiOjo, a music recording studio in Wateringen, The Netherlands. From that moment on his composing carreer expanded to some more soft music styles. Together with StudiOjo's producer, composer, arranger, singer and lyrics writer Mario Walzberg, he now creates lyrical music and arrangements. Mario's specialty lies in arranging music and vocal parts. In spite of their different music backgrounds their visions succesfully melted to one.
Wanting to expand the vocal potential to their music they searched for a sollid female vocalist to fit into the music they write. She was found in the person of Vera Kramer, a professional singer with a lot of experience in the music scene (dance/trance/Jazz/easy listening). Vera also writes music and lyrics. Together the three formed the music writers group TrippleNotes (see www.TrippleNotes.com) and started to write and create the music they love. Jos Geluk, a very talented composer and arranger from Utrecht, made beautiful arrangements to some of their songs.
Their first album is in progress and is set to be released at the end december 2014.

Together with Sander Bus, a professional guitarist and bass player, Jaap recently has started writing a one time metalalbum to be called Kingdom In My Land, witch will be a Theme Saga Album. Melodic power metal with classical skills will be the headlining in this musicproject. Dennis de Meij, nowadays vocal front man of the band Krush and also frontman singer of the tribute band of Obituary, called Slowbituary, will be joining to give the best vocals for this project.
Jos Geluk, named earlier, will also be joining our team for the orchestral parts on this album. More artists who will be joining our team and will be announced soon. Ernst van Ee, Jaap's drumsteacher, and drumplayer for Helloise, Highwaychile and Vengeance, will be playing the drums on one song on the album, as a guest musician.

Jaap was recently asked by former bandmembers of Melojustice to play a one time reunion-concert on februari 1st 2015 in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Jaap was the first drumplayer of the group. The band made one demo-album and 2 full length albums and also made tours in New York, America. After splitting up in 2011, all the original members of the group are together again.

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13" 14" Hi-Hat
19" Extreme China
21" Extreme Ride

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