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Jônatas de Freitas

Jônatas de Freitas

Ministério Ello's

Jônatas de Freitas; 22 years, born in February 1992, a resident of Realengo (Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil). Started on drums at his church, where the interest was piqued by the instrument, and the certainty that this was his instrument materialized as people encouraged him when they felt its ease to learn even without teacher or aid. With 11 years began playing with the worship ministry of your church, was during this period that, as was developing, began to emerge a few invitations to join bands such as; IDE Band (Period of 1 year), Frutos da restauração Band (Period of 1 year) e Água e Vinho Band (Period of 7 years). At 14 comes the first opportunity for improvement studying in School drummers Jorge Casa Grande and then studying with Erick Stick. Upon completing 15 years was invited for orchestra Vila Lobinhos, Sponsored by Banco Itaú, in downtown Rio de Janeiro where, after studying with Marcio Bandeira (teacher at UFRJ), was assessed becoming general percussionist orchestra. With the improvement due to studies and experiences through which passed, Jônatas de Freitas began to stand out and invitations increased, was invited to play in the Louvar-te orchestra of Cosmos (RJ), was invited to join the Trio Sustenido (instrumental band), Choral Soul Consagrado, Funk Sinatra Project created by Toy Black (One the percussionists of Carlinhos Brown), Ello's Ministry, Nova Jerusalém Ministry, Signus Band where acts as a substitute drummer, created the instrumental quartet UmSom and now the end of 2014 starts the Brazilian Drummer project, which will be explored not only their potential of drummer but also as an arranger and producer.
Jônatas de Freitas currently lives of music, teaching, doing recordings, playing shows, doing workshops, so having the opportunity to perform in various places; theaters, cultural centers, schools, external events, concert halls, churches and studios and in various regions of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, also having the opportunity to open some workshops as of Alexandre Aposan (Drummer the band Oficina G3), and pipoquinha (Bassist of national prominence), BRAFIC Trio, composed of Braguinha and Fininho (musicians from the Ministry of Praise Raiz Coral), Cacal Santos (guitarist the singer Thalles Roberto) and etc.
Despite being young, but have a wide curriculum and in various segments, Jônatas de Freitas search maturation and daily seeks to perfecting their musical identity and quality, understood that to stand out you have to be always open to new experiences and learning, and the conquest of space is a consequence.

My Soultone Set: 

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