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Ivan A. Gomez

Ivan A. Gomez

October Roar, Johnny Phade, Dressy A

For most artists and promoters in South Texas, Ivan A. Gomez needs no introduction. His level of performance makes evident the time and practice he has put into his craft for the past 20 years. Versatility is a key ingredient in his playing since he continues to show the flexibility of his abilities with the different artists and genres that he works with.

Growing up in church, Ivan quickly found a way to put his talent to use helping different churches and organizations improve their musical sound and technical skills. It wasn't long before larger churches and organizations started noticing his talent and soon Ivan was playing in front of thousands at a Bible school/summer camp outside of Houston, Tx. Ivan performed at the campus for 4 years, recorded 3 albums, and worked with some of the most talented musicians and artists in Texas.

After resigning from the campus, Ivan started taking his music career in a different direction teaming up with a group of friends from high school to create the metalcore band, I Am Heir in 2017. Within a few months they signed their first record deal. In February of 2018, Ivan suffered a severe hand injury, which forced him to stop playing for the months to follow and ultimately step down from the band.

During his time recovering, Ivan started working with rapper and singer Johnny Phade. While working with Johnny Phade, Ivan has been playing shows across Texas, appearing in music videos, and producing some of Johnny Phade's best performing songs.

In addition to working with Johnny Phade, Ivan is also currently working with the South Texas rock group October Roar. He signed on with the band in December 2018. Since joining the group, Ivan has been helping write and record their new full length album, toured across the states, and signed with the band to Kingside Records in 2019.

Now these are just a few of the puzzle pieces that make up Ivan A. Gomez. He has had the pleasure of performing and collaborating with many great artists throughout his career, among those is his latest collaboration, Dressy A (official release dates TBA). To get a full picture of who he is, just follow him on social media or reach out to him through these avenues.



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My Soultone Set: 

22" Gospel Ride
19" Gospel Crash
17" Extreme China
17" Explosion Crash
10" Explosion Splash
08" Explosion Splash
15" Explosion Hi Hat Pair
7" Bronze Bell