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Israel Marcillo

Musician – drumer, percussionist- was born in the city of Quito, Ecuador, the 28th of June of 1992. He began his drum studies at 12 years old at the Kairos Musician’s Institute. Later on, he obtained a scholarship for the School of Jazz of the Music Conservatory Franz Liszt, where he studied for two additional years until he was granted a scholarship at the music school of UDLA, Universidad de las Américas, Quito campus.

Israel later worked at the recording studio Mama Records. At the same time, he became teacher at Kairos Music Institute.

Currently, Israel works as an independent musician for several artists and bands of the Ecuadorian music industry.

During his musical training, Israel has performed with several national and international groups such as: La toquilla Manabita, Trovando Ando, Lucas, Jazz corp, La Papaya Dada, Pamela Cortez, Daniel Betancourt, Américo, Joey Montana, Jerry Rivera, Coqui Villamizar, Martha Sanchez, Paty Cantú, John Lozano, Maite Hontelé, Cabas, Pueblo Nuevo, Trío Pambil, Gustavo Velasquez, Gerardo Moran, and many more.

Israel has also been part of several television programs as a drummer such as Yo Me Llamo and La Voz Ecuador, in both the first and second seasons.

Israel participated in the first tribute to the ecuadorian traditional music named Ecuador Vive, where he formed part of this great project as a recording artist of the whole album.

Currently, Israel belongs to the group Cocoa Root, that represents Ecuador as an ambassador for Unicef and Rebook Artists. Aditionally, he has participated in various important events of Ecuador such as Mutant fest, Novasonic, Fiesta de la Música, Expresarte, Epicentro, Ecuador Jazz, and Unicef’s Playing for Change.

Israel currently belongs to the Chamber of Music of the Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Benjamin Carrión.

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