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Isai Jesse Orozco was born in Hollywood,CA and began playing drums at the age of 3 years old in his church. There he experienced playing in many different styles including Gospel, Rock, Pop, Funk, Salsa and even more!
Isai moved to Florida in his preteen years and in high school Isai joined the Jazz band and marching band. His school band went on to win competitions every year and was well respected in the state of Florida.
Isai had the privilege to record in many high profile recording studios as a young, upcoming drummer. Through out the years Isai has played in many big venues such as "Germain Arena" (Estero,Fl), "Choliseo of San Juan" (PR), "Soccer Stadium of Guadalajara" (MX) and various festivals.
Isai has played and traveled with different bands such as Louis Fosforito Garcia( Latin Artist), Brett Foreman Band, Joe Hedges Jazz Trio, For A Season (Rock Band), Supros (Indie Rock) and others. He has been working with Dove Award winning rap artist, KJ52, for 2 years and is now working on a couple new creative projects with musician friends.
He stays busy playing drums, serving at his church, working hard, and starting a family with his beautiful fiancé.

He also is endorsed by:
AJP Custom Drums (Maple Keller Shells)
Rack 12x7
Floor 16x7
Snare 14x7
Kick 22x20

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