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Isaac Olivero

Grupo Pasión

Isaac Olivero, is a 23-year-old Dominican Christian drummer, the eldest of 3 brothers, aroused his love for music at age 6 influenced by great drummers from his country and internationals such as Cobus Potgieter, Thomas Lang among others, he debuted in music at The 12 years playing in the local ministry of his church, thanks to that allowed him to achieve great achievements and meet people who work in the music industry, he is currently the drummer of Grupo Pasión in the Dominican Republic with whom he has worked several musical projects and concerts live, he has collaborated with great artists such as Isa Gadala among others, he has participated in different important bands and ministries, participating in large concerts, festivals and large conferences.

My Soultone Set: 

12" Fxo 6 Crash
14" Extreme Crash
13" Extreme Crash
13" Extreme Hi Hat
19" Extreme Ride.