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Isaac Capers

Darren & The Buttered Toast

Isaac Capers, born July 7, 1992, is a native to Winston-Salem, NC where he began his music career at a young age when his mother purchased him a drum set at age 4. He took a natural liking for music and had a keen sense of learning by ear. Being raised in a church setting, he was around musicians and instruments weekly, using the knowledge he gained during service and rehearsal to practice on his own.
When an opportunity arose, Capers started playing electric bass at his church as a jump start into the life of a musician and learning musicianship when playing with his peers. He played bass from the age of 11 until 17 for the church, helping to hone his craft not only as a bassist but a drummer as well. After leaving for college in 2011, his musical ventures had come to somewhat of a standstill, being in a new place and resetting his feet for new challenges. He played drums in the college's gospel choir before meeting what would be his co-founder in their band “Darren & The Buttered Toast”, Darren Curtis.
Together, they founded and launched the band in the area of Asheville, NC . Using this new band as driving force to develop his skills as a drummer, he now plays regularly in the area both with his band and as a fill in drummer for those in need. In June of 2017, he joined to Soultone Cymbal family and has not looked back. The cymbals compliment his style of playing and have the versatility to suit any genre of music that is required. The Soultone family, is the BEST family.

My Soultone Set: 

10" Fusion RA Splash
22" Natural Ride
14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hat Pair
16" Extreme Crash
13" Gospel Crash