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Ian Purdie

Ian Purdie

Ian Purdie, Bathgate, Scotland, taught himself to drum at 18 years of age to fill a gap in his local band's line up! It was soon evident that he was destined for greater things as he joined the well-known Scottish punk band The Exploited with which he toured Europe and made TV and radio performances. He later studied at Jewel and Esk Valley College where he refined and diversified his drumming technique and styles. Since then he has sessioned for a range of bands, including Rock-a-billy, Jazz, Funk, Gospel and many more.

Ian has been involved in a number of projects - including charity and orchestral performances. In 2001 he played for Abba tribute band Absolute Abba, touring up and down the UK and headlining Glasgow's Hogmany celebrations.

One particular aspect of drumming which Ian has enjoyed participating in is Extreme Sports Drumming which, although not a particularly musical endeavour has been great fun to train for while developing that much needed dexterity and endurance required for playing genres such as metal and punk ie fast singles on the double pedal and fast single strokes with the hands. For two consecutive years Ian has held the record for fastest hands and feet combined, with an impressive top score of 1749 strokes.

He is currently a member of two upcoming bands: 100 Philistine Foreskins - thrash punk music with a strong message behind it, and Rising From Death - Metal core which carries the same message. Both bands tour the UK and Rising From Death have a booking for the USA Cornerstone festival in 2011 and will record their first album in March 2010.

Ian has a number of pupils ranging from absolute beginners to advanced. He is a proficient clinician, having been sponsored by Drum Central and YAP music.

He is happily married to Marion, with three children, David (18), Jamie (16), and the youngest, Hannah 3, to keep him young and on his toes!!

Ian is blessed to be a Soultone endorsee and is genuinely convinced he now plays the best cymbals in the world.