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He was born in 1978 the June 8. As a child his attraction to music was his North, and is at age 14 that he discovers his concern for the drums as a musical instrument, is just as it starts to several specialization courses with the most renowned teachers of the region, in addition integrate different musical groups that have provided great experience and versatility to his work as a performer of drums. Later, and despite suffering from "retinitis pigmentosa" since the age of 10, a hereditary and degenerative disease that causes a severe decrease of the visual capacity, and which in many cases leads to blindness, he began his studies of law in the University of Zulia, obtaining his degree in the year with effort and dedication 2001.
With the course of the years and his participation in several groupings, achieves quickly becoming one of the most requested and admired drummer in the region, for both Live and in studio work. At this point in his career, decides to undertake international studies in Spain, where he also works for an uninterrupted year with some bands and solo artists featured in that country.
So, as his hard work and dedication has led him to some ofsquares and most important events of Venezuela as the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, the Valencia Forum, Palace of the events of Venezuela in Maracaibo, Palace of events of Venezuela in Maracaibo, Teatro Municipal de Caracas, Barquisimeto complex trade fair, Aula Magna of the Universidad Rafael Urdaneta in Maracaibo, the Caracas POP festival, just to name a few, as well as in different scenarios such as the Sala Arena in Madrid, Festival de Barajas (Madrid, Spain), the top 40 in Bogota and the James L. Kníght Center in Miami (USA).
Currently, this accumulation of experience has given him the honour of becoming officially Voting Member of the Latin Grammy Awards and winner of same in the 2010 as arranger and musician of some productions of the musical group vocals VOZ VEIS, being granted to the most outstanding artists in the music scene worldwide, continues his career with Nauta formed by 3 former VOZ VEIS and other major groupings in the region.
 "Humberto is also taken into account as a tool to motivate people with disabilities of any kind, participating in radio, television and newspaper articles and important journals at the national level, such as:" trends ","Faceted", Fussion Art", among others. Today he still continues projecting his musical potential in different regional and national scenarios, at a very high level, as a result of his steadily preparation.

·  NAUTA (pop ballad). Live work.
·  San Luis (pop ballad). Live work.
·  Via (techno house). Live work.
·  Mermelada Bunch (Latin pop). Live work.
·  Vocal group Voz Veis (pop ballad). In Studio and live work.
·  Bladimir (pop ballad) work in study.
·  Jin - Spain (japan rock). In Studio and live work.
·  Pablo Novoa - Spain (pop ballad). Live work.
·  The Base - Spain (rock). Live work.
·  Participant of operation triumph Emili - Spain (pop ballad). Live work.
·  Yenyere (latin music) musical group. Live work.
·  Double impact (reggaeton) music band. Live work.
·   Solo singer Jasmiry Bracho (pop - disco). Live work.
·   Solo singer Ángela Uzcátegui (jazz fusion). Live work.
·   Musical group big snake. Humberto Molero project. (alternative rock). In Studio and live work.
·      Agape music group (soca Latin music). Work in study.
·      Solo singer Manuel Petit (latin pop). Work in study.
·      File 10 band (ska - reggae). In Studio and live work.
·      Sonic dust (alternative rock). In Studio and live work.
·      EPOK Latin. (Latin music). Work live.
·      8th man (pop - rock). Live work.
·      Street 5 Vocal Song (pop ballad). Live work.
·      Vandals (Latin music). Live work.
·     Sixtie Blues (blues jazz). Live work.
·      Banana Split (pop - rock). Live work.
·      Fedora (pop ballad). Live work.
The shadow (rock). Live work.
The whips of Pope (pop - rock). Live work.
Rock & Ron (rock & roll). Live work.
Group La cream (pop - rock). Live work.
WORKS (events)
COMPLEX trade fair of BARQUISIMETO (grouping Nauta) years 2013-2012.
TEATRO MUNICIPAL DE CARACAS (grouping Nauta) December 2012.
TEATRO MUNICIPAL DE CARACAS (grouping San Luis) year 2012.
Theater SANTA ROSA DE LIMA (grouping Nauta) year 2012.
AULA MAGNA of the UNIVERSIDAD RAFAEL URDANETA of MARACAIBO (grouping VOZ VEIS) 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007.
FORUM DE VALENCIA (Group vocals you see) in 2011.
TEATRO TERESA CARREÑO DE CARACAS (Group vocals you see) in 2009.
Palace events of VENEZUELA in MARACAIBO
(Group vocals you see) in 2009.
CARACAS POP FESTIVAL. CARACAS (Group vocals you see) in 2008.
Theatre in MARACAIBO LÍA BERMÚDEZ (Group vocals you see) year 2006.
JAMES KNIGHT CENTER Miami (Group vocals you see) year 2005.
ROOM MADRID ARENA (grouping Jin) year 2004.
FESTIVAL of MADRID BARAJAS (grouping Jin) year 2004.
FESTIVAL of the 40 in COLOMBIA (Group vocals you see) year 2004.
ESTADIO MISAEL DELGADO Valencia (Group vocals you see) tour with Ricardo Montaner. Year 2004.
WORKS (Jingles)
B.O.D - year 2004.
C.N.V-year 2004.
Galleries Shopping Centre Mall - year 2001.
Lake Mall Shopping Centre - year 2001.
Store leader - year 2001.
WORKS (discography)
VOZ VEIS: "A common and currentless night" (winner of the Grammy Latino 2010.)
VOZ VEIS: "Virao"
Manuel Petit: "Manuel Petit"
Jin (Spain): "Jin"
·         Agape: "Ágape"
WORK (radio programs)
Radio Station: OK 101.3, interview. Program: Trend Radio. Maracaibo. Year 2011.
Radio Station: 105.1 Radio, interview. Program: A better world. Maracaibo. Year 2011.
Radio Station: Onda 107.3, interview with Julio Torrens. Program: Life is so. Maracaibo. Year 2011.

University of Zulia, Venezuela. Lawyer (1996-2001).
Berlitz Institute. Advanced English (2000-2002).
St. Vincent de Paul school. Bachelor's degree in Humanities (1990-1995).
Private lessons with Tony escapes, current recognized artists Ricky drummerMartin, Franco de Vita and the Di Meola. "Basics and techniques." Caracas (2010).
·           Private lessons with Prof. Fernando Valladares, former drummer of theGroup Guaco. "Position of the drummer from the production of a record". "Studies of the compounds times" (Odd times). Maracaibo. March (2004).
·           72 music school. Prof. Carlos Badiola."Music theory in theBattery and his execution in Popular Music". San Sebastian, Spain Nov. / Dec. (2002).
·           Classes for individuals with Prof. José Lorenzo Jansen (Pachín) "Latin rhythms". Maracaibo (1999).
·           Private lessons with Prof. Carlos Nieto, Ex-drummer for the bandRicardo Montaner. "Harmony, theory and solfeggio". Maracaibo (1995-1997).
·           YAMAHA Music Academy. Prof. Simón Bolívar interest drummer and percussionist in Venezuela. "Basic rhythms". Maracaibo (1993).
Humberto Alfonso Molero Marcano.

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