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Hugo Soares

Hugo Soares

Drummer, Percussionist and Producer

Hugo was born in Brazil, in June 1989.

By the age of two, he started to get into music.

He had crafted his own instrument by the age of nine.

After years of private studies, Hugo began music studies at "Pro Music", in Belo Horizonte, where he studied with André Campagnani, Mário Castelo and many others.

On December 2005, Hugo moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, where he graduated from "Los Angeles Music Academy". Getting studies with Mike Shapiro, Ralph Humphrey, Tony Inzalaco, Joe Porcaro, Dave Beyer, Michael Packer, Matt Starr and many other world renowned musicians.

Along his career, Hugo has also studied with drummers like Márcio Bahia (RJ - Brazil), Jean Dolabella (MG - Brazil), Jimmy Duchowny (USA – BH/MG/Brazil), Sérgio Reze (SP - Brazil), Wesley Gama (MG - Brazil), Glen Sobel (Califórnia, USA) percussion classes with Jerry Steinholtz (California, USA) and Júlio Ponzo (MG - Brazil); arrangement and music harmony with Dave Pozzi (USA), Howie Shear (USA), Nestor Lombida (Cuba - BH/MG/Brazil) and Giovanni Mendes (MG - Brazil).

Hugo currently resides in Brazil, working as a sideman with many artists and composers of various styles.

He also conducts private lessons and classes at music schools as well as workshops on Jazz, Afro-Cuban and especially Brazilian rhythms.

"I am really happy to become part of the Soultone Family! For sure the best cymbals in the world of todays!"