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Hugo Lopez

Hugo Lopez

Hugo Lopez started playing percussion in high school band at the age of 10 years, later grew his interest in drums set, which he plays since 16 years old. Since then, his love grows larger every day, at the same time that his dedication and discipline in the study routine.

From the time when Hugo included the music in his life, was born an immediately interest in making this career his profession, his primary activity and not just a hobby, and as part of his growth process, he uses every training opportunity with the participation seminars, festivals, clinics and other events that that enable him to interact and learn from national artists and big talents from around the world.

For him, music is the greatest passion in his life. When he plays the drums set, his world becomes a paradise, where the sound of cymbals and drums (along with other accompanying melodies) becomes an immersive, exciting, and liberating experience… “an incredible experience”.

He was born in Manizales, Colombia (april 1, 1986), and currently resides in Bogota where he works with his band 5inco Millas, incorporating a new air into his music project.