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Howard L Stephens IV

Howard L Stephens IV

Born May 9 1988, from Baltimore Md , have been playing drums since I was 12 . Play in The Shakedown ,a cover and original band based in San Diego . Play a tama starclassic 100% birch with wood hoops . An adrian younge maple OCDP custom snare . Remo heads and Vic firth Steve Gadd sticks .Im a left handed drummer who plays a lefty set . Keep it simple with 14 vintage hats . 19 crash and 21 vintage 1964 crash ride . Love the sound of my crash ride , best cymbal I've ever played .

My Soultone Set: 

14" Vintage Hi Hats
19" Vintage Crash
21" Vintage Old School 1964 Crash Ride

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