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Hollis Morton

Hollis Morton

The Drum life of Foot

There is a dynamic drummer on the scene out of Atlanta Georgia who goes by the name Hollis “Foot” Morton. Hollis aka “Foot” has been around for two decades. Many consider him one of the best drummer’s in the industry; others say the sky holds no limits to his abilities.

Foot started playing at the age of 3 yrs old. At that age of 6 he developed his own unique style. He captured the hearts of many while playing for his mother’s church & other Gospel Groups from Atlanta . He was born with a unique talent that caught the attention of artist around the world that would later hire him to play in the studio & to play during live performances.

Foot has no boundaries when it comes to playing drums. He has learned to play different styles of music such as R&B, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Beach music and much more. He is the best when it comes to playing with other musicians and getting them in the groove. Other musicians can’t seem to get enough of his playing style because he often bring out the best in other musicians, which is why he one of the most sought after drummers in Atlanta .

Hollis aka “Foot” has impacted the lives of many youth while contributing much of his spare time & giving back to the community through and organization called “Musical Youth of America”. The organization is a non-profit organization which allows youth the opportunity to express there emotions threw music while enhancing their talent. Because “Foot” has a passion for kids he will continue to be a blessing to youths throughout the world.

Foot is one of the most energetic & exciting drummers known around multiple states & his career continues to be on the up rise because of his versatility and style of playing. So be on the lookout for one of the hottest drummers in the industry.

Professional Experience

Studio Work Stage play “Looking for love in all the wrong places

Live Performances Tyga Graham (R&B group “Silk”)

Musical Youth of America Sam Haygood (Tony Braxton director & SOSBand)

Rickey Mckinnie The Blind Boys of Alabama

Eric Hill Melvin Carter (Confuction)

Tosh Cantel The Maxx Band

Professional Experience Continued

Heart to Heart G.T All-stars

Golden Touch En-Tyme (music director “FOOT”)

Sutan& Raoof (“SOS Band”) Troy Rame & the Soul Searchers

The Gents the Soul Revivals

Dale C Bronner

Drum Instructors

Sonny Emory

Marcus Williams