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Henning Ritto (Ritto)

Henning Ritto (Ritto)

Ritto was born on the 18 of January 1969 in Kiel, Germany. When he was only 8 days, he was adopted by a danish couple.

He has always been quite a musician, starting to play on pots and lamps in the age of 5 years.

In his early childhood he went to a musical Kindergarten.

When he turned 7 years, his parents finally decided to get serious, and Ritto attended lessons from Aarhus Music Academy, Denmark until he was 17. During his young teenage years he was drummer in a rock band from the Academy.

During the years Ritto has played in various bands; drummer in a local Bigband orchestra, Aarhus Police Orchestra.

In the years after he also played in various rock,pop and blues bands.

In 2012 he joined the Havanna Band, known for their own interpretation of well known rock and blues hits. In 2017 the Havanna band members decided to dissolve the band.

Some of the members got together to form a new band under the name of Rune Rahr Band, with the singer Rune Rahr in front and Ritto as drummer.

Rune Rahr is in the studio lately recording his newest album, which will be released sometime before end of the year 2018.

Ritto has for some years played in the tribute band Shu-bi-dur which has toured around Denmark with the band Shu-bi-dua's classic hits.
In 2020, Ritto has taken over the band and continues it with new crew, they are preparing for a summer tour around Denmark.

Ritto is also touring around with different artists and it will be possible to see him at different events and scenes in 2020.

In 2019, Ritto joined the Lalou project and is now a regular member as a drummer for Lalou.

Ritto will be recording drums on an album in the near future, artist not published yet.

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