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Haro Istamboulian

Haro Istamboulian

Drummer, Artist, Photographer, short filmmaker, student of Tao, little calm center of the world. Haro's patience could be described almost as endless. His mission is basic. Never stop growing, never stop learning, always find a way to better oneself. The technique he has developed as an artist has been a combination of many influences throughout his life.

Born in Santa Monica, CA, the earliest traces of Haro's love for the arts comes from his father. A Deacon and band leader earlier in his hometown of Beirut, Lebanon, his father had a lust for music that was overshadowed by the love of his family. When his father unexpectedly passed away while Haro was a young boy, it was a sharp turn in which the reverberations would be realized many years later in his art.

As he grew older, his experiences followed. Haro began to progress the tool for people to see the imagination that he constantly had in his mind. With a background of studies in philosophy, Taoism, Kriya Yoga, and autodidactic in music, art, filmmaking and photography, Haro ties in all forms of influence into visual and auditory art. It's his undying passion to be the best he can be that makes him an inspiration to better himself and an inspiration to many of his peers.

In 2010, Haro joined a diverse group of musicians who call themselves Chameleon Conductor. The band is produced by Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down. Haro is now endorsed by SoulTone Turkish Cymbals. The band plans on touring the States and Europe as soon as they have completed recording.

You can view Haro’s art films and short films, see his kit set up, his paintings and event history all at: WHOISHARO.COM

You can check out Chameleon Conductor at MySpace.com/ChameleonConductor