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Hao Han

Hao Han

Graduated from shenyang conservatory of music, from shenyang conservatory of music "professor ching-shan lu", as "sticks" game hit the band members, who in Taiwan international percussion section, shenyang international percussion section and dalian percussion festival opening ceremony. Worked with percussion masters have "officially percussion chairman Bob Breithaupt (the music at the university of Ohio's capital)", "chairman who percussion Mork Ford", "Michael Burritt, a professor at the Eastman school of music percussion," and so on

Ambassador to the Hong Kong international drummer festival

Hong Kong international drummer festival Asia Pacific champion in 2017

2017 Shanghai Musical Instruments exhibition show

In 2016, with the BLUE GENE band won the contest of "drink a river" in guangdong province shenzhen conference championship, "guangdong, hk &macau original song contest" in guangdong province ten big golden melody awards.

Singapore Singapore international music festival 2016 conference of judges in China

Founded in 2015 in shenzhen, the first Bigband (MOGOjazz big band), to fill the gaps in shenzhen in the history of music.

In 2015 to join the BICK ARCKENEMY all-star jazz orchestra, active in shenzhen jazz music circle.

To join the BLUE GENE band, 2015 in the three original works all get inati songs flying ten big hits.

In 2014 in shenzhen grand theater and shenzhen grand theatre philharmonic drummer

In 2012-2014, studying jazz and Latin music, electronic music.

In 2011 in Shanghai percussion game won the second place, "Mapex" international drummer competition second in China.

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