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Håkan Strind

Håkan Strind

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It all started back in 1993 when some friends of mine asked me if I wanted to join their band. Up until that point I had only tried playing the drums a couple of times at my friend’s garage.

Since I always wanted to be a “rockstar” I immediately accepted and started practice my ass off.

The band never really made it anywhere, but it was the start of my love for music and drumming.

Since I started drumming, I have played all kinds of styles in the metal/hardrock genre.

“Ironware” was a heavymetal band. Simultaneously I played in an oldschool deathmetal band called “Disillusion” (Not the same Disillusion that exists today).

Later on I played in an even harder deathmetal band “Obduracy” with a lot of blastbeats etc... Then “Debbie Ray” that plays Slease/Hardrock, and this Just to mention a few bands during the years…

I have also been a student at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, USA, where I attended the PIT program.

Here are some of my bands that have had a great impact of my life.

Between 1999-2004 I played in the power/heavymetal band “Ironware”. We got us a record deal with Limb Music Production, and in 2003 we released the album “Break Out” Worldwide, produced by Andy La Rocque (King Diamond etc).

During this period I really learned a lot about the music industry… Good things and bad things. ;) But mostly not to take anything for granted. The music business is hard work! ?

Since about 2005 I have played with the Swedish hardrock band “Debbie Ray”. We have mostly been active in Sweden, but our debut album “Artificial Misery” was released 2009 in USA by Demon Doll Records.

Last but not least we have “One Without”. I have been playing with this band since 2011. We play modern/progressive metal. Two albums have been released worldwide “Thoughts of a secluded mind” and “Sweet Relief”. For now we have only been touring Europe. But we would love to tour Worldwide. Right now we are working hard on new material for our third album…

An even more detailed biography can be found at my official facebook page.





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