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Guillermo Tonin

Guillermo Tonin

AirTrain, Phantom of the Beast, Badallisc

Guillermo Tonin, was born in 2002, is a drummer from Brazil, the former of the thrash metal one-man-band Badallisc! Since he was very young, his family reported that he seems to be very passionate about music, especially with drums! When he was 5, he was gifted on his birthday with a small 4 piece child drum set, and there was his first touch with drums! At the age of 7, he started drum lessons with a rock drummer that their family met in their neighborhood, who teaches him the basics, and all about exercises and rock drumming! When he was 13, Guillermo discovered the metal music and the double bass drumming, and instantly loved it! He wanted so much to learn everything about metal drumming, and at that exact time, he went to his teacher's house saying that he really wanted to learn that! His teacher said that he does not know so much about metal style, so he taught Guillermo some basic double bass exercises and for him, it was enough to begin training alone! So he took everything he knew and began learning by himself! He watched a lot of metal drummers on the internet and listened to a lot of music, and this was how he began learning metal. Besides watching videos, he also asks for tips from experienced drummers that he met on the internet and workshops! Today he still practices a lot, and is still learning, besides the metal he said that he loves to play and learn blues and jazz drumming, but he is certain that metal that lives in his heart!


My Soultone Set: 

17 Explosion crash
18 Explosion crash
14 Wave Custom hi hats
8 Custom splash
22 explosion ride with black matte finish
18 Custom china