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Guillaume "Billy" Marsault

Guillaume "Billy" Marsault

Guillaume "Billy" Marsault is a young french drummer. Originally from
Normandy, he grew up in the South-west of France.
He started his muscial apprenticeship with baroque recorder, so before
he discovered drumming, young Guillaume could already read and sing
His parents made him familiar with british-american rock music, which
gave him the will to learn guitar, bass, and drums without distinct
preferences at the age of 15. The local music school jazz orchestra
lacked a bass man, so he joined in as new F key reader. He learned his
first jazz standards with madagascan piano maestro Do Harson.
In spite of his multi-instrumentalist aspirations, he joigned the
drums class of the conservatoire of Bordeaux at the age of 18. He
started to get regular jazz gigs, while following both Philippe
Valentine classes, and english college degree.
He passed the "prix regional" only three years later with the highest
marks, then decided to move to Paris.
He quickly mingled with the parisian jazz and afro-fusion scene. He
started playing with Lou Tavano, Cherif Soumano and many singers and
talented african musicians (Aida Khan, Ousmane Kouyaté...).
He met new-orleans jazz master Jeff Boudreaux, with whom he re-learned
his entire technique.
At the age of 23, he joined the prestigious Grand Orchestre du Cirque
d'Hiver Bouglione, in which he learned the various aspects of big
cabaret shows.
Guillaume then starts to get various gigs in many different styles,
wether on bass or drums, sometimes with the same artist!
In 2013, the famous pop-french singer-composer-interpret Romain Humeau
(from the band Eiffel) , calls him to join his new solo project. He
will work on two albums and two tours "Mousquetaire#1 and #2" and also
on Humeau's collaborations with other artists such as Molière Academy
winner comedian Denis Lavant (concept album and show "Vendredi et le
Limbes du Pacifique") or major french singer Bernard Lavilliers and
many others on radio shows.
Also working as a lyricist and a composer for himself as for others,
he started the trip-hoppish innovative project "o'magreena" along with
the guitarist Mathilda Haynes (out May 2018).

Guillaume's drumming is really focused on building the sound of the
song and of the artist he plays with. So he developped serious skills
in time keeping and sound mixing. Which definitely makes him a "pop"
drummer, even if he comes to play a lot of different styles.

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