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Greg Schwab was born on Long Island, NY in 1975. Shortly after birth, his family relocated to Buffalo, NY where they lived until 1986 when they moved to Staten Island, NY. As a child, Schwab was an avid artist and skateboarder, but it wasn’t until 1990 that he, inspired by Cliff Burton, took up the Bass, having had no previous musical experience. While he still considers himself a “semi-serious” guitar player, Schwab’s true calling was percussion.
Schwab’s enthusiasm for drums started with Slayer’s “War Ensemble” video in 1990 where he started air drumming right handedly along with Dave Lombardo. His interest continued to grow with the emergence of videos by Metallica, Rush, Megadeth and other various metal bands. By spring of 1991, Schwab started playing drums because a good friend had “a cool set up” and was also a lefty. Those first few months Schwab practiced regularly and taught himself the basics. By October of 1992 he was serious enough to purchase his first drum kit—a 1981 Tama Granstar.
By now Schwab was getting into more complicated music. With a serious devotion early on, Schwab had an extremely rapid development on the drums with speed, independence and creativity He also possessed the "natural" understanding of time, rhythm, independence and the physical side of drumming, to which he credits skateboarding. Schwab says, “I give credit to my seriousness to the art of skateboarding from age 10 because it taught me balance, coordination, endurance, reward, sacrifice, discipline and how to push myself to excel on a daily basis.” 
Around Nov 1992, Schwab jammed with local Staten Island legend and high school bass player, Mike Diamantopoulos and something sparked (the duo remain a writing/rhythm team to this day). In January of 1993 Schwab was asked to form a progressive metal band with Diamantopoulos and another great local musician--guitar player Danny Cruz. This marked the beginning of Schwab’s professional musical journey...

Bands between 1993 to 2014
Inner Sanctum- recorded demo
Invisible Guests- Kind Diamond tribute
Amethyst- recorded demo
1998 Changed name to Thirdkind- recorded full length cd with Ron Thal
Eyes of Argus 2000-2010 recorded 3 CDs built 2 recording studio have numerous other recordings.
Canvas Radio 2010- current. Recorded demo working on next, up coming gigs and promotions.
KillemAll- 80's MetallicA tribute band
Infinite Spectrum- promoting current album 'misguided' and writing next concept album.

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