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Greg "aka-Lloyd" Baker

Greg "aka-Lloyd" Baker

Greg (aka Lloyd) started playing drums in the summer of 1990, his very first gig was a drum solo in front of 50 people 4 days after picking up his very first kit! Never taking playing in a band seriously until joining the praise band at Destiny Family Center in 2005 for Pastor Chuck Balsamo and has been on stage there almost every Sunday and most Wednesdays since then. In 2014, he took on the role of Praise Director and developed the program to its current status.
In 2012 while looking for a chance to play something and somewhere different he came across something called the "Rock Loto" in a nearby town. As the luck of the draw would have it (literally in this case), what ended up being created that night along with 3 others is called Crab Action. They have been together (with a few changes) tearing up stages and producing music ever since. Crab Action has two albums in circulation: Vampire Robot Werewolf Airplane (2014) and Cobra Antic (2020)
Last fall (2019), a good friend asked him to sit in with his band to help them get back into the flow of things. The chemistry and music that was being written gelled so well they labeled the project 434. So far they have recorded and released four singles and are receiving great reception from several radio programs such as: Rock Rage Radio, Girl Next Door Radio Show, Castle Black Radio, Heads Up Radio and more.
Greg approaches music with one philosophy "grab the crowd, pin them on the back wall, and don't let go until you are done.


My Soultone Set: 

15" Vintage hi hats
19" Vintage crash
20" Vintage crash
21" Vintage ride

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