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Grayson Latimore Jr.

Grayson Latimore Jr.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Started playing drums when he was 13. Grayson bought his 1st kit when he was 18 years old. He plays a wide variety of styles of music from funk, hip-hop, folk rock, post hardcore rock, pop rock to hard rock. Grayson has played for artists/bands such as... Brian Campbell(Come and live recording artist), Richard Jordan(Nashville Recording Artist), Seth Rollins (Season 9 American Idol), Julien Huntley aka Jul Big Green), This Beautiful Republic, Brandon Estelle(Former drummer for Superchick), Shrub, Switchblade Scarlet(Featured on MTV show Made). He has had the privilege to tour and share the stage with bands like Family Force 5, Badfish(Tribute to Sublime) Skillet, Sanctus Real, Paper Route, Phil Stacey(American Idol) and he has played on the Trinity Boradcasting Network (JCTV).
Grayson is currently touring with reggae rock funk hip hop band called

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