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Glenn Joseph

Glenn Joseph

Indi Graffiti

Drummer – Glenn J

Band – IndiGrafitti

LOUD & CLEAR is how he chooses to express himself; this is the belief behind the near deafening sounds Glenn creates as the drummer of Indi Graffiti. He took to drumming at an early age and was an integral part of all his school and college Bands. But essentially, is a self-taught musician. Playing a 4 by 4 grove came naturally and he did it the first time he ever sat on a drum throne, no training what so ever…No Kidding!

The love story began with rock music being the primary influence. The real thrill came in college where he played with the band “18 Hours” covering bands like Kula Shaker, The Doors, Deep Purple and so on.

The next band “Evil” came with a change in genre covering heavier metal bands like Slayer and similar.

He was also the drummer of the band “Bridge” which gave him a chance to create and play original music.

For him, Indi Graffiti happened as an experiment with the thought of having a metal drummer in an Indie Rock band. He draws his inspiration from various Artists of heavy metal and rock genres. Highly experimental, he is always eager to try new styles and grooves. The band plays eclectic genres varying from pop, rock, soul to metal. The band expresses themselves in Hindi as they are an Indian band. He draws his inspiration from lots of Artists from heavy metal and rock genre. His fascination for percussion instruments was the sole reason he decided to be a part of Drum circle projects, a wonderful platform to display his skills on the Doumbek and Djembe or for that matter even everyday use articles that when used effectively produce mind blowing sound scapes. He also plays the acoustic guitar and Keyboards.

Brought up in the middle east , a product of cross culture lineage and currently living in Bangalore, he has learned to appreciate and enjoy culture ,music, art and food from across regions.

He explains the feeling of being associated with Soultone as simply "Fortunate".

“Everything around us has something to do with Rhythm. For drummers, practice is everything. So keep practicing" – Glenn Joseph

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My Soultone Set: 

18" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
16" Prototype sunburst treated Crash
8" Latin Splash
6" Extreme Splash
14" Custom China
15" Prototype sunburst treated high hats
14" Extreme high hats