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He studied at the Free University of Music of São Paulo (U.L.M); from 2005 to 2011; Drums teacher and Music Theory (Division Rhythmic) for 10 years; acts as Studio Drummer (recordings) Free-Lance, Concerts, workshows ...
He has played, recorded and followed the Secular Artists segment to GospelMusic as:
* Mattos Nascimento (gospel); * Coral Kemuel (gospel); * Karina Carfi (gospel);
* Eli Soares (gospel); * Davi Sacer (gospel); * Eliezer of Tarsis (gospel);
* Ministry Ipiranga (gospel); *Fat family; * Bekah Costa (raul gil / gospel);
* Shirley Carvalho (raul gil / gospel) * Edy Carla (gospel); Juliana Santiago (gospel)
* Rafael Araujo (gospel); * To. Adriana Jr. (gospel); * Alvaro Tito (gospel);
* Cristiane Rodrigues; * Edy Mines & Leandro (sertanejo univers.); Raissa Silveira ...
He is currently the drummer Gospel Program TV: "Generating Salvation" with audience on a national and international network (Africa / Portugal/Israel (Jerusalém)/Europa/USA / Japan / Latin America ...) monitor the Pra. and presenter Raquel Santiago in national and international tours; He has shared the stage with great artists and bands like TonCarfi, Coral Rescue for Life, Thalles Roberto; Soraya Moraes; Eli Soares; Bruna Karla; Eliezer of Tarshish; Pamela; Elaine Martinsentre others !!!
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