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Germán Heffner was born on April 15th, 1986 in Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he is 12 years old, he begins studying drums in a private institute and a year later he starts his first band called Penuria (heavy metal).

At the age of 17 he decides to venture into the hard rock genre with a trio band, performing especially music by Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. The next year, Germán perfects his technics and incorporates various styles such as Latin and Fusion, taking personal classes with Jorge Cid. He also joins the “SustraSoul” band, with whom he plays in several pubs and theatres of Bahía Blanca. After that, he works for three months for “Eterno Ahora”, performing electronic music in private events. With this band he presents their first DVD in the “Teatro Municipal” of Bahía Blanca. By this time, he joins a fusion- rock trio called “La Cuchara Simpática”, they make some studio recording as well as many live shows.

In June 2006, Germán participates in a Latin-American contest, The “Mendoza International Drum Fest” where he gets the ninth place among 124 drummers. In the same year, he records some tracks that are included in Néstor Gomez’s Cd, an edition that Néstor publishes with a book.

In 2008 Germán takes classes with Oscar Giunta in Buenos Aires city and after joining the “Mauro Simonetti Trio”, he records the drums of their first album. He also participates, with them, in the contest “Bahía Vive” in which they get the second place among over 50 other bands.

In 2009 Germán records the drums for an album of an electronic – pop band called “0db”. At the time, he starts playing with the jazz and bossa nova group “Solar”; he also performs a drum and guitar workshop with Charly Cid and participates as a revelation drummer in the “Bahía Blanca Drum Fest”. The next year, in the same fest, but now as an established artist, he shares the stage with Oscar Giunta, Quintino Cinalli and Eduardo Caló. A few months later he plays for the “Expejos” (rock-pop), the band that won the “Epecuén Rock 2010”.

At the end of 2010 he produces and performs the “Drummer Night” workshop with Ezequiel Ghilardi and Jorge Cid.

In June 2011 he plays in the “Lanus Drum Fest” sharing the stage with Tomás Sainz, Gabriel Pedernera, Ezequiel Piazza, Fabián Perez, Martín Parrilla and Rodrigo Chara. After that he incorporates to the Soultone Family!

Nowadays, Germán teaches Drums in La Plata city, plays for different artists as a sessionist and having given birth to “Trail X”, a jazz rock fusion band with Alejandro Rod (guitar) and Matías Lucietti (bass) he is devoted to the band´s first cd, which is hoped to be released soon.

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