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German Domador Jr.

German Domador Jr.

Session Drummer and Symphonic Percussionist


Born in Caracas , Venezuela in 1974. The percussionist Germán Domador has always combined Classical percussion and Popular percussion. He began his studies with the Venezuelan master Mauricio García who teach him all the concept of sound and philosophy of the percussion, with an enphasys on solid snare drum technique. On December 2003 he is graduted as a Percussionist at the “Juan José Landaeta” National Coservatory in Caracas. And in the present time finishing his studies of percussion at UNEARTE(University of the arts of Venezuela) .
From 1998 to 2001 he has worked as percussionist and principal timpanist of the Gran Mariscal of Ayacucho Symphony Orchestra , where he participated on the recordings of 5 CD`’S. From 2005 to 2010 he won the contest to be a part of the National Philarmonic of Venezuela and finally from 2010 to the present time he is percussionist of the Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Caracas . Artistic Patrimony of the City of Caracas.
As a percussionist of traditional Venezuelan music and maracas(Venezuelan Maracas) he works since 2011 at The Orquesta Típica Nacional, Artistic Patrimony of the Nation and the City of Caracas.
On June 2000 he was accepted to be a part of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico . Luis Biava Conductor,and José Alicea percussion Teacher.
On 2008 he was acepted to participate on the Rendez-vous internationale de la Timbale . Lyon, France. (International Timpani competition of Lyon). Maestro Benoit Cambreling, President (Timpanist of the Lyon National Orchestra)

He Works as a drummer with the Afro-Venezuelan rock band” Tierra de Gracia” a fusión of rock and afro.venezuelan percussion. At the present they are working and recording its first CD. He also Works as a drummer with the Venezuelan flautist Maria José León y la Banda. The latin progressive band Bandelectrica Rock Band and the Conjunto Latino de innovación salsa band.
On 2013 he recorded the most recent recording of "Los Antaños del Estadium" Artistic Patrimony of the Nation, and the pioneers of the MERENGUE RUCANEAO, this awesome rhythm from Caracas that is characterized for the 5/8 mesure .
And from this year 2013 he also became Solutone artist , from 2015 he is Licenciate of the Royals school of music of London LRSM, in Music Performance Percussion.


My Soultone Set: 

21" Extreme Ride
14" Custom Crash
18" Vintage Old School 1964 Crash / Ride
16" Gospel Crash
13" Extreme Hi Hat Pair


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Próximos Conciertos 2014:
-With the Orquesta Típica Nacional
Sábado 16 de Mayo 5p.m.
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