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Gerardo Soto

Gerardo Soto is a various styled drummer from San Jose, Costa Rica who began playing around the 90’s. His first studies were with Peter Chase (who played with La Oveja Negra), Jose Ospino (from Bruno Porter) and with L.A.M.A. graduated and Innova music school professor, Mauricio Gamez.

Since he was young, music became an intricate part of his life. His professional career started forming and contributing with bands that have shaped and influenced Costa Rica´s alternative and world music scene. Such influential bands include: Ourson, La Nueva P, Mekatelyu, Bamaselo, NADA, Bruno Porter, Parque en el Espacio, amongst others.

His countries´ Caribbean influences and his flavour through music have led him to form or contribute as band member and collaborator to many of the local reggae/ska acts such as The KingoLovers, Natural D.U.B., Native Culture, Un Rojo and R9 backing band, as well as international artists as Luciano (JA), Mikey General (JA), Johnny Dread (US), Pablo Molina (ARG) and Million Stylez (Europe).

Currently Gerardo works with Costa Rica freelance musicians backing local and international artists, as well as currently playing with world music/dub band The Moonlight Dub Experiment due for a new album this summer.

In his own words:

"With Soultone cymbals´ rich tones I had found top quality combinations that added an irreplaceable ingredient to the world sound that I love”.

Regarding his philosophy in life: "I think anything can be accomplished with persistance and confidence."

"With confidence, you have won before you have even started" - Marcus Garvey -

Current Soultone Set:

14" Extreme Hi Hat

17" Custom Brilliant Crash

18" Custom Brilliant Crash

20" Gospel Ride