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Geoff Boyer

Geoff Boyer

Geoff was born in Brookfield, WI February 25th, 1977. Geoff grew up mostly as an athlete and "thought" he didn't have the time to play an instrument which now he totally regrets!!! However, Geoff still pretended to be a drummer around the age of 8 or 9. Geoff would gather up his father's free weights and place them on a table and bang away! He would use the 2.5lbs weights as his splash cymbals and the 10lbs weights for the crashes. Fast forwarding 10 the age of 19 Geoff “truly” listened to Carter Beauford from the Dave Matthews Band... and he was floored!! He said the himself, "I could do that!" A day or so later he purchased my first kit and taught myself to play. Geoff played in various bands during his college years, one being a band called Hot Lunch in Des Moines, IA. That was a 9-piece funk band. We covered songs from Stevie Wonder and Liquid Soul to Steely Dan and Maceo Parker.

After a few years of playing Geoff moved to San Francisco where he actually put his college degree into work and unfortunately put his drumsticks down. Some years has passed before Geoff caught the drumming bug again and when he caught it he caught it BIG TIME! Before leaving San Francisco Geoff was playing in 3 different bands. The link provided below are some recordings that Naked Animated did in the studio last year. One of the other bands was a classic rock cover band. Between the 3 bands Geoff was playing about 20-30 hours a week in rehearsal and gigs.

Geoff currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife, Jill. He and his wife have been living in Omaha since November of 2008. Geoff is a member of the band Quartus.

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