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Gentile Pont

Musician and drum educator, Gentile Pont gives private classes in his own studio (Holy Stroke Drum Studio) and clinics/seminars in Buenos Aires and different cities of Argentina.

He also writes articles in music and drum magazines (Music Shop, Contrapunto, Bateristas Al Sur) and sites dedicated to percussion. (Drumsweb, Psicobateristas) His website ( is one of them and, in the spanish language, it's one of the most visited by drummers.

He participated in drumfests and clinics with artists like Nicko Mc Brain; Marco Minemann, Robby Ameen, Gustavo Meli, Christian Hirth, Daniel Luttick, Daniel Avila, Oscar D’auria, José Luis Colzani, Rubén Lobo, Lucio Mazaira, Sebastian Peyceré, Quintino Cinalli, Tommy Sainz and Ramón Sixto Veiga, among others. Played and recorded different styles with Fico De Castro, Canturbe, Panchito Nolé Big Band, Lapo Gessaghi, Fugitivos do O (Brazil), Rubén Szachniewicz, Chaneton, Bourboun, Willy Quiroga, Machy Madco and La Fusa Latin.

Today, he works in the edition of his first book, "Saboreando el Acento Latino – Fundamentos Rítmicos para el Artista Contemporáneo"; the musical project “Chorifunk” and the groove band “DeMentes Exigentes”, with musicians in rock, funk, jazz and latin experiencies.

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