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Gene’s drumming career started on Long Island where he studied with all-around drumming great Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs, Winger) and Atlantic recording artist Guy Gelso (Zebra).

In 1991 he joined Bizarre/Straight recording artists ARMED FORCES located on the West Coast in Los Angeles. Their first album Take On The Nation drew strong praise from the industry. This is around the time Gene started endorsing Aquarian Drumheads and Drumsticks. Appearing in ads in Modern Drummer Magazine. Their second release Quicksand had even more to say when it came to the music. One music writer described Gene’s live performance as “ of the most explosive drum attack that this writer has seen in quite a while.” ARMED FORCES toured extensively in support of their releases. ARMED FORCES live performances and CD reviews have appeared in world wide print from publications such as Rock Hard (Germany), The Hard Report (NJ), Screamer Magazine (Los Angeles), LA Rock Weekly (Los Angeles) and several Japanese publications including Burrn. ARMED FORCES disbanded in 1996 after the sad and unfortunate passing of lead singer Michael Henry. Even though ARMED FORCES is no longer together, a new CD has been released in March 2003 on High Vaultage Records in Germany. It is a compilation of previously released and unreleased music.

Other projects that Gene has recorded drums for the San Diego alternative rock band The Rugburns (Bizarre/Planet Records) on their 1994 radio hit “Me and Eddie Vedder.” Steve Poltz, who might be best known for co-writing some of artist Jewel’s biggest hits “You Were Meant For Me”, heads the Rugburns. Gene also recorded for folk-rock artist Gregory Page’s (Bizarre/Planet Records) debut album The Romantic Adventures of Harry (1995). In 2003, you can hear Gene playing on “How about you”, a country single by artist Frank Rose (Solar Federation Records).

In late 2002 Gene joined the band Project Steiger. Fronted by guitarist Ken Steiger (Musician’s Institute teacher, Guitar Player columnist). Recording two songs on his CD entitled Defiance. Virgil Donati (Steve Vai, Planet X) handled the drumming duties on the other tracks of the CD. Ken Steiger says, “Gene has graciously chosen to re-create Virgil Donati’s drum parts for me live…quite a task.” Other musicians on the CD are keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Planet X, ex-Dream Theater, Kiss), bassist Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page, The Firm), and guitarist Gary Hoey.

In 2004, Gene joined the power metal band STEEL PROPHET. This band has released several CD’s through Nuclear Blast records, with their latest on Massacre Records. The band recorded two new songs that were released over the internet followed by headlining the Swordbrothers Festival in Andernach, Germany in September 2008.

In early 2005 Gene took over the drumming duties in the female-fronted pop punk-rock band SHUT UP MARIE. Their first full length CD was released in the summer of 2005 entitled “Gimmie”. The CD has garnered airplay all over the U.S. including large and medium markets such as NYC, Chicago, L.A., Phoenix, Jacksonville and Albuquerque, placing the album on two charts in the radio industry magazine Friday Morning Quarterback. They played shows all around the Western states in support of this rising album.

In the summer of 2005 Gene has joined up with former heavy metal Anthrax singer Neil Turbin. Neil Turbin put Anthrax on the map with their first album "Fistful of Metal" which Neil wrote the hit songs "Metal Thrashing Mad", "Deathriders" and "Panic" to name a few. The band (Neil Turbin's Deathriders) played many shows with top bands in metal with the highlight performance at the 2006 Sweden Rock Festival in Sweden.

In 2010, Gene joined the melodic rock band TAKARA. They played shows around Southern California and recorded the track “Little Dolls” for an Ozzy Osbourne tribute CD on Versailles Records that was released in 2012.

Gene joined the up and coming band Edge of Paradise for a short period of time to record a new single that was produced by legendary producer Michael Wagener and released on their debut album Immortal Waltz in 2015. They also recorded a version of “Saints of Los Angeles” for the Versailles Records tribute CD to Mötley Crüe that was released in November 2013.

Gene started his own recording project titled KILTED WARRIOR in 2013. The first track released was a cover of Metallica's “Blackened” for the Versailles Records tribute CD titled “Puppet Masters” released in December 2013. On the project is Chris Poland (Megadeth) guitars, Tony Franklin (Kenny Wayne Sheppard, The Firm) fretless bass, and Annette Bzdawka (Shut Up Marie) vocals, with Gene on drums.

In 2016 Gene started endorsing Peace Drums. At the start of 2017 Gene joined the LA fusion band OHM featuring Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth) on guitar and Robert Pagliari on the 6-string fretless bass. Currently working on new material and playing shows around the US.

Recording History (Discography)

ARMED FORCES • Quicksand • Bizarre/Straight Records 1994
THE RUGBURNS • Me and Eddie Vedder (radio version) • Bizarre/Planet Records 1994
GREGORY PAGE • The Romantic Adventures of Harry • Bizarre/Planet Records 1995
MIKE DELANEY • Where Heroes Cry • Mr. Studio Records 2002
FRANK ROSE • How About You • Solar Federation Records 2003
ARMED FORCES • No Guts..No Glory • High Vaultage Records 2003
PROJECT STEIGER • Defiance • Independent Release 2003
SHUT UP MARIE • Gimmie • Remedial Children Records 2005
STELL PROPHET • singles • Independent 2008
TAKARA • Ozzy Osbourne Tribute • Versailles Records 2012
EDGE OF PARADISE • A Tribute to Mötley Crüe's Greatest Hits • Versailles Records 2013
KILTED WARRIOR • A Tribute to Metallica's Greatest Hits • Versailles Records 2014
EDGE OF PARADISE • Immortal Waltz • Pure Rock Records 2015


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