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Gary “Gonzilla” Gonzalez

Gary “Gonzilla” Gonzalez


Drumming isn’t one of Gary Gonzalez’ hobbies or something he just enjoys doing. It’s who he is. Born and raised in New York, he started playing in school then moved on to study privately with Chet Doboe. It was though Chet, that Gary landed an audition for a commercial playing drums when he was 15. He landed the gig which you could say was his first professional gig. It was also with Chet that the percussion group Hip Pickles was formed. Playing with the ‘Pickles’ really elevated his chops. He has performed at the Modern Drummer Festival and PASIC, performed throughout Austria, the Netherlands and the US. He also has multiple television appearances under his belt. Currently a member of SAMEPAIGE and SONGS IN THE ATTIC. He enjoys teaching and freelances when time permits. While it's great to have chops, Gary's main focus is on feel. "It's all about making the song feel good". He says it's knowing what to play and what not to play that is the sign of a good musician.

My Soultone Set: 

14” Latin H.H
21”Latin Ride
18”FXO 12
18”Extreme China
16”Extreme Crash
18”Extreme Crash
17”Custom Brilliant Crash
19”Gospel Crash
8”Extreme Splash
9”Extreme Splash