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Gantt Kees

Gantt Kees is one busy freelance drummer , writer and producer in Nashville.

A native of south Louisiana, Gantt, began playing drums at the age of 2 and to this day, has never stopped. He was continuously featured by locals in La. Did his first recording session at age 10, was a featured musician at age 11 with Alvin Batiste and the Southern U. jazz ensemble. Was Louisiana's all state jazz drummer through out his high school career, and began a regular session career at age 14 as the house drummer at Disk Productions in Baton Rouge.

Gantt moved to Nashville in the late 80s attending Belmont University. His live career and studio career blossomed from there. Gantt is regularly tracking and working out of his studio on music row for the industry and can also be seen playing live, doing label showcases, and other gigs.

Part of his resume includes Col Bruce Hampton and the Fiji Mariners, Billy Burnette of Fleetwood Mac, Steve cropper, Trent Summar and the new row mob, Teddy Gentry of Alabama, just to name a few.

Gantt is also called back home to Louisiana studios to work with many Louisiana artists such as Chris Leblanc, Wendel Tilley, Luther Kent, and Louisiana's Mamou.

"When I was considered to endorse Soultone, I went down to Forks Drum Closet in Nashville, Tn., and checked them out. I was sold immediately. I will be playing Soultone exclusively.

See Gantts site for a list of credentials.