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Gabriel Riley II.

Gabriel Riley II.

Gabriel Riley II was born on March 26, 1985 in Oakland, California. His father Gabriel Riley Sr. played drums and was also a preacher.

Gabriel’s interest in drumming began at the tender age of 2, his father was his motivation and taught him his first drum licks, by age 8 he started playing the drums for Sunday morning services in church and by age 14 he was playing real gigs.

While in middle school Gabriel was 1st chair flute, he also expanded his music knowledge by learning the saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and cello. He continued his musical abilities all throughout high school also.

Gabriel is a self-taught musician if you will, by listening and watching these different drummers who have inspired him as his cousin Timothy Christian Riley (Tony Toni Tone), Dennis Chambers, John Blackwell, Aaron Spears, Ron Smith and Dave Weckl to name a few.

He has performed with numerous church bands, Cole Fonseca, Mike Torres Jr & Co, The 11th Commandment, and currently the Pryor Baird Band. He plays drums and keys on Cole Fonseca’s CD “Phoenix”. He is also producing and performing on a CD for Sybil Shanell, self entitled “The Voice of Sybil Shanell” and a self entitled CD for Ke’shay.


Drums: Pacific Drums PDP by DW and is currently endorsed by Soultone Cymbals and Drumsticks.