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Gabriel Marotti

Gabriel Marotti

He started his contact with drums on his Church, when he was 07 years old. With 15, he started to play professionally on clubs of his city, Caraguatatuba (North Coast of São Paulo).

In 2010, returning to his hometown São Bernardo do Campo, began to take classes at “Fundação das Artes de São Caetano do Sul”, and a few years later he graduated as a teacher in Music for the “Universidade Metropolitana de Santos”.

He followed several singers of ‘The Voice Brasil’ (Rede Globo), ‘Ídolos’ (Record) and the ‘Raul Gil’ (SBT/Band) throughout Brazil, and made tours into South America, where he recorded on radio and Tv shows.

He played in important festivals of instrumental music, like “Jazz na Fábrica”, “Jazz and Blues”, “Festival de Inverno de Paranapiacaba”, and so on.

Gabriel Marotti teaches since 2011 at São Paulo, where he developed methodology and performs researches on the area of music education.

At present, he works with the Banda DOPA (gospel music), making tours throughout the brazilian territory, and play in shows and recordings of several groups and artists.

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