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Fredrick Lindal was born on February 27th 1996 in Oslo, Norway.
His love for drumming started at the age of 2 thanks to his uncle who also is a drummer.
Heavily influenced by his uncle in the early years Fredrick eventually started discovering drummers and artists himself picking up plenty of influences over the years from very different genres and artists. Having Taylor Hawkins, Ray Luzier and Mike Portnoy as his early days influences is not hard to understand seeing his hard hitting and energetic style of playing live.
Later on the horizon has been expanded after discovering drummers like Stanley Randolph, Nick Smith, Aaron Spears and Anderson Paak.
This got him from just a live rock n’ roll drummer to being a mix of live and session drummer within rock, r&b, and pop.

Fredrick grew up with music all around him. Having both parents playing in marching bands and being private musical tutors, one drummer for an uncle, another uncle being a full-time producer/songwriter (Andre Lindal), and himself starting in the local marching band at the age of 6 there was never really much choice but to go the musicians way.
At the age of 13 him and his family moved to Spain, and Fredrick having a huge interest for fotball aswell put his drumming on hold for almost 7 years before leaving the fotball behind and focusing only on the music & drumming.
After picking up his sticks again he formed a rock band called White Man Dancing to some regional success, before forming a newly launched (late 2020) bass & drums rock duo «Headless» with his best friend.
Their debut record was recorded in The Motor Museum Studios (prev. Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Bring Me The Horizon) in Liverpool with Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon & Ko Ko Mo) as the producer, and is to be released in the early summer of 2021.
Seeking more and more success, Fredrick is now producing beats, recording tracks for sessions, and being a freelance live drummer which has opened up many new doors for 2021 and the coming years.

Why Soultone?
Soultone Cymbals gives an extra addition to the sound of my drumming. Being a drummer that is both playing in a rock band and with pop artists it is rarely appropriate for the same cymbals to be used with both projects. Soultone has such a wide catalog of sounds, and cymbals which makes everything possible and allows me to fill in all projects.

My first encounter with Soultone was a couple of years ago when I was on a trip to visit my uncle in LA, and they made an impression on me.
I went back to Norway where it is not possible to get your hands on Soultone Cymbals, but starting taking an interest to the brand. Researching and finding out both Nick Smith and Adler were playing Soultone made me even more intrigued. A couple of months later I went back to LA and had to try/play Soultone again, and they were just as cool as I remembered. Unable to bring the cymbals with me back to Norway, and no Soultone dealer in Norway made me eager to find a way to get my hands on them. When the possibility of being endorsed by Soultone came up, the answer was easy.

Soultone has helped me expanding my drum sound, and being able to have a bigger variety in my drumming, matching the sound in very different genres.

Soultone has been super helpful, positive, and motivating since day one. Really wanting me to develop and improve as a musician.

My Soultone Set: 

Hi-Hats 14’’ Custom Brilliant RA Series
Crash - 18’’ Extreme Series
Crash - 19’’ Extreme Series
Crash - 20’’ Extreme Series
Ride - 21’’ Extreme Series
FXO B6 Crash - 16’’ FXO Series