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SkullSplitter, Retribution

Frank Vaturina is a self-taught musician, with over 25 years of recording and touring experience. Frank received his first drumkit when he was 4 from a cousin who babysat while his Grandparents were sick. During that time she taught Frank the basics as well as his first 2 songs; Wipe Out and Born in the USA. During middle and high school he played in his school’s orchestra,choir, jazz band, rock band, marching band and was Captain of the Drum Corps. Over the years he has been in many bands and has had the opportunity to record, rehearse and play live with some very well-known musicians during various projects and auditions including: Len Carparelli, a.k.a. "Len Leonard" (Guitarist - The Beatles Faux Sale, Ex - Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Joe "King" Carrasco & the Crowns), Chris Poland (Ex- Lead Guitarist of Megadeth), Ralph Santolla (Lead Guitarist - Devil's Highway, Ex- Death, Deicide, Obituary, Millenium, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach), Ill Niño (Then; El Niño), Rob Moschetti (Bass - Pro Pain, Generation Kill), Sal Lococo (Vocals -Sworn Enemy), Shadows Fall.

Frank toured all over the USA and Puerto Rico and has shared the stage with Grim Reaper, Nuclear Assault, Powerman 5000, In This Moment, Tantric, Flaw, Suffocation, Mushroomhead, Otep, Sworn Enemy, Silent Civilian, The Acacia Strain, Goatwhore, Vital Remains, Mortician, Malignancy, Internal Bleeding, The Empire Shall Fall (feat. Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage), Burn Halo, The Letter Black, Winds of Plague, Skinlab, Scum of The Earth, Psyopus, Diecast, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult, Helstar, Impaler, Eve To Adam, Full Blown Chaos, Maximum Penalty, Harley's War, SubZero, Billy Club Sandwich, Locked In A Vacancy and many others.

Currently the drummer for: SkullSplitter; NYC Blackened Death/Thrash metal!. And Retribution: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock covers from the 80s-00s. Aside from his steady projects; Frank is a very active session musician; offering recording, live performance, rehearsal and drum maintenance services, and specializes in a variety of genres and styles ranging from: Acoustic, Alternative, Blues, Country, Dance, Ethnic, Hip Hop, Latin, Pop, Punk, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Rock, Soul and beyond! Aside from his busy, yet flexible work schedule, Frank is a certified EMT in NY State by trade. When hes not drumming or saving lives, he’s enjoying spending time with family.


Hollow (Feat. Ralph Santolla – Lead Guitar) – Slaughtering The Wicked
Barbaric Ascent – Self Titled EP
Like Sonia – I Was an Unknown
Undivided – Until Death
4 In The Chamber – Not For The Weak of Heart
Divo and The Distractions - Ocean
Unstable Foundation – Strength Through Determination
Claws of Azrael – Count Your Blessings

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