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Francisco Crow

As a Los Angeles native and nurtured within a household filled to the brim with acting and music at his disposal, Francisco Crow, was literally born to create, and perform. He started his career acting and singing in numerous productions throughout his youth which included Little Shop of Horrors, Marat De Sade, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show and even co-wrote a one act play at the age of 14 based on Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

One day he came across the talents of percussionists, Ricardo "Tiki" Pasilles (Drummer for Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez), which opened his eyes and ears to the beauty and syncopation of Latin Percussion at Pasadena City College. Soon afterwards he began his schooling at the Berklee School of Music studying with great professors such as Sa Davis, Michael Rhinquist, and Euque Castillo.

Upon his return to Los Angeles he dove headfirst into the music scene playing with countless bands and performers as a side-man and back-up vocalist for Virus Cultural, Ritmo Azul, Jim's Fault, The Cabana Boys. During which time he recorded with several artist including Rob Mullins, Rick Maltese, and Jonny Mantra. He's traveled the world playing, recording, performing with the likes of Justin Miller, Joel Mason, Grammy Award-Nomoniee Bobby Rodriquez, Faramarz Aslania, Dariush, John Davidson and Clint Holmes.

You can catch him playing with La Santa Maria, The Mother Funk Yas, Apartment 28, and Sonsoles to name a few. You can see him on THE NEW MUSIC VIDEO Ageh Yeh Rooz with Faramarz Aslania and Dariush.

He is also working on his own debut album just in time for the summer of 2012. Keep your eyes and ears open!