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Fernando Maia

Fernando Maia

Phase Transition

Fernando Maia was born in 1998 in Porto, Portugal. Fernando received his first drum kit at Christmas Eve when he was only 3 years old. Since that moment, he became really interested in learning music. He started to study music and guitar at the age of 13 in Alberta Lima Music School and months later started learning drums with the drummer Francisco Lima. After that year, Fernando joined several cover bands, indie and rock bands, and played at several places. His interests in music are really diverse, as they go from Bach to Opeth.
At the moment, Fernando is taking a master’s degree in Engineering Physics and also playing with Phase Transition band. He is also improving his drum skills with the help of his mentor Diogo Mota, Gaerea Drummer

My Soultone Set: 

15" Gospel Hi Hat Pair
21" Gospel Ride
18" Gospel China
12" Gospel China
18" Explosion Crash
16" Explosion Crash
10" Explosion Splash