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Fernando Garros

Fernando Garros


Power, precision, finesse and a great sense of creativity. These are some of the concepts that defines the drumming of Fernando Garros, southest’s Brazil 40 year old drummer. Born 09.23.1970 in Ijui, a litte town in Rio Grande do Sul state, he started playing at age of 3, and always knew that someday he will get big time with his talent. Born and raised in musical context in the family due the Christian roots, Fernando always had the drummig as part of his daily bases routine. Hiting in every surface that was avaliable, he developed his skills with no teaching at all.

His first kit was bought only ate age of 15, as a birthday gift. Back then, he used to play along with records such as AC/DC, The Police, Rush and Beatles, his major influences. After playing with local acts in his hometown, Fernando moved to Porto Alegre, capital of the state. There, he co-founded and played with Natura Neon and Workstation, well-know rock bands on the Porto Alegre’s night club scene. With theses band, he recorded 2 albuns and a lot of singles and demo tracks. Many festivals, recording sessions and gigs later, Fernando formed with his brother the band TANLAN. The band has made nation wide tour this year, promoting his debut record “Tudo que eu queria” ( Everthing I wanted ) with sold out venues, TV shows and radio appearences. And the recognition was growing every day, making TANLAN one of the most respectable new rock christin acts in the country. Now, Fernando and his bandmates are in the process of making the second albun througouth 2011.

“ Cymbals are a very tricky issue on drumming. They have to sound loud for a rock stand of point, but yet defined and mellow. These are the things that made me choose Soultone Cymbals” Fernando said. “ They are louder that any cymbal I’ver played and still sound crispy and sweet. That’s very rare”.





My Soultone Set: 

21 Custom Brilliant Ride
18 Custom Brilliant crash
19 Extreme Series crash
19 6 holes FXO Series
14 Gospel Series hi hat

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