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Felipe Restrepo

Felipe Restrepo

Felipe Restrepo, born September 22, 1979 in Miami, Fl. Being born to musician parents, he begins to study many different instruments including guitar and piano but never really finding his place as a musician until 1993, when at the age of 12 begins playing drums in Bogota Colombia. The extensive growth of various rock forms in Bogota at the time, leads him to learn and play with many musicians in rock, blues, funk and some fusions of the sort. In 1997 he moves to L.A. where he enrolled in the PIT program at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood. Having extended his knowledge, he begins playing in the music scene around Los Angeles as well as continue his studies with great drummer like Gary Garbatini and Ray Luzier.

In 2003 he moves back to Bogota to take part in the creation of one of the most influential blues rock bands known in the underground of the music scene, Seis Peatones. Since then, he has been a part of the scene all round Colombia and has been called by various bands and solo artists as an independent drummer for live and studio sessions throughout the world including Australia, Italy, U.K, France, Malaysia and the U.S.

Felipe has also work as a music producer and assist. producer with Reef Records, Movistar, and on the medium budget Mexican production Polvo de Angel, as well as various jingles, foley and ADR for tv and commercials.

Right now he is in L.A. composing and recording projects for various up and coming artist.