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Drop6 / FSP

He was born on December 28th 1986 and made his first approaches into music by self-taught starting with bass guitar, then guitar, then piano and finally, at the age of 12, started to play drums inspired by musicians like Mike Portnoy, Mark Zonder, Nicko McBrain, Jeff Plate, among others. As teenager he played with the Heavy Metal band Andüril with whom he opened a Mago de Oz concert and achieved certain acknowledgement in Colombia. Then in 2005 he entered the music program at El Bosque University and received the bachelor degree in 2010 as Maestro in Music emphasized in Musical Arrangements and Drums as main instrument.
He has played with different bands like:
- Forbidden Sound Project (2005 – 2009): Founder, drummer and composer.
- Sin Vuelta Atrás (2007 – 2009): Drummer
- Altered Symmetry (2008 – 2009): Drummer
- On Trace (2009 – 2014): Founder, drummer, composer and additional pianist
- Hydrus (2011 – 2013): Drummer
- Drop6 (2016 - present): Founder, drummer, composer and additional guitarist
Some of the recordings he has made:
- Forbidden Sound Project EP (Forbidden Sound Project)
- Despertar EP (Sin Vuelta Atrás)
- Over Calculated Fear EP and Covered EP (Altered Symmetry)
- De Mente Blanka (Debra Kadabra)
- In The Depth of Silence (On Trace)
- A Fist of Balance SINGLE (Drop6)
Diego is endorsed by Soultone Cymbals and currently works as Drums Teacher at Deutsch Shule Bogotá – Colombia.
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22" Ride "Extreme"
10" Splash "Extreme"
16" FX China-FXO 6
17" Crash "Custom Brilliant"
19" Crash "Extreme"