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Fabien "DrummerDaifuku" Besnard

Fabien "DrummerDaifuku" Besnard

I started drumming at the age of 16. After several years as a drum pupil with Stephane Reynaud (now touring with french artist Jean-Louis Murat), I tried to form my own rock band.

After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally found the guys of Nevercold who were searching for a new metal drummer.

This band happened to be the perfect match for my style, mixing intensity and melody. It's the perfect opportunity to express myself with my own playing.

In the meantime, I took some other lessons (because I'll never end learning new things about drums).

I enjoy playing Rock, Hard Rock and other styles. I would define my style of playing the drums very direct and intense, but still "with a big heart".

I think as musicians, It's our duty to communicate our energy to the people that do not only listen, but watch our performance on stage. Playing straightforwardly is my way to say "I love you" and "we are alive!" to the audience that comes to our shows.

I endlessly listen to new tunes, recent and vintage, so my playing becomes a mix of a thousand other drummers' styles, but my biggest influences would be Igor Cavalera (Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy) along with Kevin Talley (Daath, Misery Index) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, A7X).

Currently I also play a tribute to Bloodhound Gang with some friends to let off steam.

I joined the Soultone family since early 2010 and I'm a proud representative. I was blown away by the sound of these cymbals.

Not only their quality is the top notch, but they truly match together, even if you mix the series. Try it!

Apart from my own bands, I'm making drum support for other bands and occasional recordings, I think no matter the style or situation it can build up experience a lot so I'm eager to become your personal drum mercenary someday! Rock on!