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Fabian Robles

Fabian Robles

All About A Bubble

Fabian Robles is a professional drummer, for All About a Bubble . For the past 8 years he has been playing the drums and since then, has been playing non-stop. In the summer of 2012 his band, All About a Bubble, had their trailer stolen that was full of their equipment. Luckily the trailer was found, however, not all the equipment was recovered, including Fabian’s drum set. But due to the support of his friends and family Fabian was able to purchase a new drum set. Although Fabian has been in several bands he feels this is now his time. Fabian has played with and opened for mainstream acts like, OneRepublic, Neon Tree, Mute Math, and Okgo. Most recently All About a Bubble opened for Hawthorne Heights.

His band All About a Bubble already has one album under their belt, “The Life and Times of”. They are currently working on their second album, also due to be released in 2014.


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